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In case you missed it, Zara, who's historically made clothes that only work for the devastatingly thin, has recently released a line of jeans for "fuller-figured" women. Good news - right? Except here's the ad they released to promote the new line...

As you can imagine, curvy women all over the world, and, you know, everyone else, were confused as to why Zara would urge women to love their curves while simultaneously promoting the unrealistic (and unhealthy) beauty standards the fashion industry has perpetuated for decades. 

Twitter erupted, as Twitter so often does, and we all said a silent prayer for the chumps in Zara’s advertising and PR department who somehow let this slip through the cracks. (Seriously, guys, it’s 2017. You should know better.)

When we stopped shaking our heads, Julia and I looked at each other with the same thought, “Let’s fix it for them.” 

As two curvy, while not “officially” plus sized, women - we’ve both struggled with body image and self worth for as long as we can remember. Crash diets? Purging? Manic calorie counting? Binge eating when no-one is watching? We’ve been there. All accompanied by the nagging shame of never quite looking the way we thought we were “supposed” to - in part, because of advertisements like this.

Since moving to LA together, we've committed to holding each other accountable to stop body shaming and associating our self-worth with the number on a scale or what size skinny jeans we can shimmy ourselves into. Along this journey, we've discovered a community of incredible, body-positive {role} models who serve as constant reminders that beautiful, sexy and cute all come in every size. 

We are novices on this road to health and happiness through self-acceptance, self-love and body positivity and we know there are still so many unforgiving beauty standards left for us to unlearn, but we thought recreating this ad, to show Zara and the rest of the world that we really do love our curves was as good a place to start as any. 

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