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Kayci's 100 Dreams

A few months ago, my business partners and I over at Six Things decided to take on a challenge we discovered in reading Laura Vanderkam's 168 Hours. The challenge asked us to list 100 activities we’d like to try or goals we’d like to accomplish as individuals in our lifetimes. We were then asked to go back and cross off the ones we've already accomplished, noting how that accomplishment made us feel. We added to the challenge to indicate which of the 100 Dreams would have excited us as children, thinking that the things that 5 year old Kayci and 25 year old Kayci can agree upon as exciting are probably things I'm truly passionate about. 

As I drafted this list, reflected on the patterns I was surprised to discover and sought to cross a few things off the list over the last few months, I've learned a lot about the person I am today and the person I want to be. I've learned a lot about what matters to me and - perhaps more importantly - a lot about what doesn't. 

So I thought I'd come on here and share my 100 Dream, well 96 cause 100 is a lot and I haven't figured out the last 4 yet. I share them because I want to be held accountable, by myself and by any of you who are interested in calling me higher. I share them because this exercise has been so meaningful for me, and such a rewarding process of self discovery, and I wanted to encourage others to take the time to do the same. It is so easy to spend your life working towards things you believe you're supposed to want or things you know others want for you - but, much like this one precious life, these 100 Dreams are yours and no one else's. 


So here are my things: 

  1. Become a mom

  2. Record a family Christmas CD 

  3. Be a maid of honor

  4. Be a matron of honor

  5. Be a groom’s woman

  6. Take an annual sister trip

  7. Take an annual sibling trip

  8. Be in the delivery room when Kendall becomes a mom

  9. Become a cookie baking grandma

  10. Take my dad {on a cool vacation to the destination of his choice} 

  11. Take my mom to Fiji

  12. Go on safari with Grandma Sue 

  13. Be known for my dinner parties

  14. Throw a surprise party

  15. Plan a trip for my friends and pay for everything

  16. Take my parents to Jerusalem

  17. Teach my kids to ski

  18. Learn Spanish

  19. Learn French

  20. Learn to salsa
    (In April 2017 I dragged my friends to a salsa dancing workshop. I absolutely loved it and am looking forward to making it a more regular part of my routine.)

  21. Learn to pole dance

  22. Learn to horseback ride

  23. Go a month without makeup

  24. Confidently rock my natural hair
    (As of July 2017, I haven't worn extensions in two months - I'm not feeling fully confident with it yet, but am investing time and money to get my hair as long and healthy as possible which feels good and like I'm on the right track.) 

  25. Sing somewhere with an audience

  26. Rock a pixie cut

  27. Write a script

  28. Start my own company
    (Filed for my first LLC in March 2016, as of today I have two LLC's - the second of which I am looking forward to sharing with the world very very soon!)

  29. Generate $1 million in revenue in a single calendar year

  30. Salary 10 employees

  31. Collaborate with Wanderlust Creamery to create a custom ice cream flavor

  32. Have an HBS case study about my work

  33. Build & launch my calendar app

  34. Launch a lingerie brand

  35. Launch my own rug line

  36. Forbes 30 under 30

  37. Have a Forbes cover

  38. Give a Ted Talk

  39. Keynote a conference

  40. Speak at a JKCF event

  41. Speak at Harvard

  42. Give a commencement address at a University

  43. Contribute to Bustle

  44. Contribute to the Huffington Post

  45. Write a book

  46. Become a NY Times Best Seller

  47. Be an advisor to a startup

  48. Become an angel investor

  49. Be interviewed on a podcast

  50. Pay off student loans

  51. Eliminate credit card debt

  52. Have $10k in savings

  53. Have a credit score above 720

  54. Wear my vintage Armani dress in Paris

  55. Go to Thailand

  56. Go to Greece

  57. Charter a yacht

  58. Stay at the Giraffe Manor in Kenya

  59. Pay for the person behind me in line somewhere

  60. Give a 100% tip at a restaurant

  61. Donate bone marrow

  62. Pay for a kid who’s not mine to go to college

  63. Treat current Callbacks to something special

  64. Host Callbacks during a tour or retreat

  65. Be a surrogate mother

  66. Run a 5k

  67. Run a half marathon

  68. Pick up skiing again

  69. Ski Vail

  70. Ski Aspen

  71. Ski Jackson Hole

  72. Ski in Europe

  73. Ski a black diamond

  74. Have a personal trainer

  75. Buy a fixer upper

  76. Renovate it epicly

  77. Build my dream home

  78. Have my home featured in a publication

  79. Keep fresh flowers in my home & office at all times

  80. Purchase office space for Six Things

  81. Furnish it STUNNINGLY

  82. Have a fridge with a built in ice and water system

  83. Have a hot tub

  84. Have a clawfoot tub

  85. Buy myself a Mercedes

  86. Host an annual party for incredible women that everyone talks about

  87. Buy grandma’s ring

  88. Own a Warhol

  89. Own a great dane

  90. See a professional performance of Songs For A New World

  91. Ride in a hot air balloon

  92. Sit courtside at an NBA game

  93. Own a horse

  94. Own over a dozen up to date prescription glasses

  95. Rent out a theme park

  96. Fly first class

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