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Getting in the Christmas Spirit

When you've recently moved away from your Northeast roots and, despite the playlist of Christmas songs every store has on loop, find it difficult to get in the holiday spirit when it's still 75 degrees outside, here's what you do:

Step 1. 

Go to WalMart and buy some holiday themed onesies. If you go with a friend, it's essential that you buy onesies that match. You might be drawn to an all white polar bear onesie, for example - but if your friend is more into the lime green Grinch onesie, you can compromise with the red tartan look. Totally hypothetically example, obviously. 

Step 2. 

Go to PartyCity and buy a balloon puppy and have it filed with helium. Name your helium puppy Chester. This step is mandatory. 

Step 3. 

Put on your onesies. Grab Chester. Turn up the aforementioned Christmas playlist. Take some awkward family portraits. Ideally by a pool. Definitely in front of some mini palm trees. 

And BAM! In the Christmas spirit yet? 

We thought so. 


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