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Books to Read Before Graduation

Exactly one year stands between me and a Harvard diploma...boy, does time fly! Inspired by one of my dear friends, Meghan, starting a Summer book club a few weeks ago, I decided to make a diverse list of books that have come highly recommended and commit to reading (or rereading) them before graduation. So far I have eleven books on my list but I plan on doubling that. Two books a month seems like a reasonable goal. 

book list.jpg

As of now, the list includes novels by some of the greats, Hemingway and Sinclair Lewis, a self deprecating memoir, Caitlin Moran's tongue in cheek How To Be A Woman and finally, He's Just Not That Into You, because, I watch the movie at least twice a month and wanna give the best advice possible to all my single friends. :)


Today I opened The Emperor's Children and officially started this endeavor. The 9/11 reaction novel has received WILDLY mixed reviews. That being said, it is a masterfully written portrait of a group of New Yorkers in the months before and immediately after September 11th. most of the grief is because the real action doesn't start until half way through the 400 page book. If you love getting to know characters, the group of the emotionally stunted and disturbingly naive Ivy League alums muddling through their early thirties with little to nothing to show for themselves should keep you entertained through the first 200 pages. At it's core, this is a novel about the gap between the real and the perceived.


The book that I'm probably most excited about on my list is 1963 New York Time's Best Seller that inspired Sex and the City. The novel tells the story of eight girl friends as they graduate from college and enter the real world. Covering seven years, the girls evolve through their twenties as they deal with life, love and the evolution of their relationships as life and time fly by. The story is set in the 1930's and the resounding reaction is surprise that so little has changed for women in work, love and friendship at this stage of life. I haven't even started this one and it already makes me think of how much I love my girls!

What do you think of my list? Any suggestions on books to read before graduating and entering the real world?