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Guesssssssssssss what! I have a new job! Okay, it's a Summer Internship, not quite a career woman yet, but I am so excited to be a part of this amazing up and coming Boston based company. I wanted to tell you guys just three of the reasons that I am so proud to buy, wear and work with Samantha Faye Jewelry.

  1. Every piece of Samantha Faye Jewelry is 100% American Made. I don't know how much you all pay attention to where your jewelry comes from, but it's comforting to me to know that my money is not supporting abusive child labor, or dangerous working conditions for people of any age for that matter. Samantha Faye jewelry supports jobs right here in Massachusetts!
  2. Samantha, the woman behind the company, is a true inspiration. Get this. She worked for years in New York City as a very successful attorney but left her job there to take a chance on her passion. In only two years as an entrepreneur, she has become an absolute role model, building an extremely successful business by harnessing, both, her creativity and her corporate skills. So....she's pretty much a super hero in heels.
  3. The jewelry from Samantha Faye is perfection. Simple designs with brilliant execution and real world inspiration. Each piece manages to be both whimsical and classy, simple and fun, timeless and trendy.

I've collected a few of my favorite necklaces to show you guys, but there are TONS. I gravitate towards yellow gold, but keep in mind that every Samantha Faye piece can be ordered in silver, rose gold or 14 karat gold plate.

There are three new collections coming very soon that I also can't wait to share with you! My absolute favorite is the new casino collection...because who doesn't need a necklace to go with their p-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face? 

In the meantime, go to and check it out for yourself! You can get free shipping with the code TAKEHEART. Comment and let me know which charms are your favorites!

 *I got this position by obnoxiously sending my resume to Samantha, who wasn't hiring, and telling her why I was the perfect girl for the then non-existent summer internship with Samantha Faye. Two weeks later we met for an interview and she offered me the job on the spot. The moral of the story? Don't be afraid to ask for what you want. You never know, you might just get it.*
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