Seventh & Sage


Things 13 & 14. Weaknesses & Strengths.

It's easy to think that our weaknesses and strengths must be completely distinct from one another because we can't be two things that are opposites, right? Except, I am, like every other person in this crazy world, a walking paradox made up of tons of strengths and weaknesses that, at first glance, don't make any sense together. I've come to realize that contrary to intuition, so often my weaknesses are my strengths, or it is through my weaknesses that my strengths are revealed.

Weaknesses               Strengths

I'm easily afraid                                       I'm brave

It does not take too much to scare me. Just sit me down in front of an episode of Criminal Minds and I'll be spooked for AT LEAST the next twenty four hours. But when I'm scared, I don't cower. Of course, I'd be a little bit crazy if I was an inconsolable ball of fear after every episode of SVU but in the face of real threats, I step up and handle my business. I'm not a warrior or an action hero, but I'm able to keep my head and stay smart and decisive, even when my heart is beating so loud that I can't hear myself think.

I'm emotional                                           I'm passionate

I live with my whole heart in all that I do. This leads to lots of emotion at levels that leave my poor husband without any clue of what to do but it also leads to unsurpassed levels of passion. Plus, not all emotions are bad! I may cry with my whole heart, but I also laugh with my whole heart and that is definitely a strength.

I'm insecure                                               I'm confident

This is the pair that probably makes the least amount of sense.I'm terribly insecure...and I'm insecure about it. In not wanting people to know that I'm constantly second guessing myself and wondering what everyone is thinking of me, I learned at a very young age to fake confidence, but somewhere along the way, "fake it til you make it" kicked in. Combined with growing up, accepting my weaknesses and acknowledging that I actually have a lot to offer, I've become the beacon of confidence that I spent years pretending to be...while still fighting insecurities daily.  This is absolutely a work in progress, but I'm enjoying the journey.

I'm wildly stubborn                                     I'm a woman of strong conviction

When I make a decision, form an opinion or pick an argument, I grow roots and without the work of a mini modern miracle, I'm not going anywhere. It does not take much imagination to picture how this could be a serious weakness; I've been known to start an argument hastily and stick to my guns even after realizing that I'm one hundred percent wrong. That being said, I'm grateful that I'm not easily swayed. As a Christian, a woman and a future mama, I cherish the fact that I'm capable of standing my ground. I'm uncompromising where it matters most.

I'm harsh                                                      I'm honest at all costs

You don't have to know me for very long to know that I'm a "what you see is what you get kinda" gal. Don't ask me questions unless you want to know the answer in it's rawest form. I could stand to gain a bit more tact and compassion when it comes to expressing my opinions and relaying facts. My friends don't come to me when they want someone to lie to them to make them feel better...they come to me when they want to know the truth and while, some days, I wish my friends would flock to me for anything and everything, I would much rather be the friend known to be real and honest than the friend who's willing to bend the truth

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